New! 1951-55 1st Series Chevy Pickup Door Restoration videos!

This year I added seven new videos to my channel, specifically dealing with the removal, restoration, and reassembly of the doors for 1951-55 Chevy trucks. If you are planning to tackle this project on your truck, these are must-see videos.

You can see the series on my channel:

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Link to: The Filling Station, LLC , Lebanon, Oregon.

1951 – 1955 1st series Chevy Truck Door Assembly Procedure

Starting from a bare door shell:

  1. Install the door latch
  2. Install the outside door handle
  3. Install the window regulator
  4. There is a rubber strip (scraper) that rubs against the glass when the window rolls up and down. There is a channel inside the outer door skin that this strip slides into. Most times, there is an old brittle strip of rubber in this channel that you have to take out in 1” chunks. There is a space in the middle of this channel that aids in removing these chunks. I use a screwdriver and hammer to chunk it out. Once this is removed, cut the new rubber to length and slide the rubber strip into place. I start in the center, then slide one side in the track and tuck the other side in with a flat blade screwdriver. It is normally fairly loose and floppy in this channel which is OK.
  5. Install the rear window channel retainer (2 sheet metal screws from the outside rear of the door shell attach this channel and there is one at the top pf the metal retainer that is originally attached, but this is optional in my opinion).
  6. Install the felt run channel that goes from the rear window channel retainer to the vent window. There is a clip at the bottom of the retainer that the felt channel slips into. Slide the felt channel into the door window opening, then slip the channel into this clip and leave the run channel long and cut it once you have the vent window in place. For now, just let the felt channel hang out of the window opening.
  7. With the window regulator in the “window closed” position (the roller at the top of its travel) carefully install the door glass (with sash channel attached) onto the window regulator roller, roll the window down and push the glass to the rear of the door and into the felt run channel you previously installed.
  8. Note! Before you install the vent window, chase the threads in the nut at the bottom of the vent window vertical post and put a little grease in the nut. This will make installing the 5/16-18 hex head bolt much easier later. Don’t try to install a used rusty bolt here, you will hate life! You will see what I mean later.
  9. Slide the vent window assembly down into the door.
  10. Once the vent window assembly is in the door, you need to get the door glass into the felt channel of the vent window post and work the vent window assembly into place where it will bolt into the upper door window opening and where the lower post will line up with the bracket down inside the door (this may take some manipulation so be patient). Don’t screw in the upper vent window assembly just yet. You need to get the lower post bolt in place first.
  11. Now the fun part… You need to install the 5/16-18 x ¾” bolt through the bracket inside the door and into the nut of the vent window post. Access to this is through the lower hinge cover plate opening. You need to locate the bracket in the door (I use a mirror and flashlight in the door) and the vent window post with the nut over the bracket hole. Now you need to thread the bolt into the vent window post. If you are like me, I can’t get my arm with a nut and lock washer far enough into that opening to get this bolt into the vent post nut, so what I do is get a short 9/16” socket and a ratchet extension (maybe 10” or so) that is long enough to get the bolt up to the bracket (no ratchet attached yet) and allow you to get the bolt started. Once you have the bolt started, you are home free. Now you can attach your ratchet to the extension and tighten the bolt.
  12. Now that you have the lower bolt attached to the vent post, you can screw in the three sheet metal screws along the leading edge of the vent window assembly and the two ¼-20 screws at the bottom of the window opening to secure the vent window in place.
  13. Now take the felt channel that you left long previously and work it into the upper window opening and over to the vent window to determine the length you need to cut it. After you cut the channel you can work it into place and secure the channel into the window opening with a few #6×3/8” self-drilling Philips Head screws   This is the easiest way I have found to secure the channel into place. 4-5 screws in the channel should be enough.!97355!US!-1
  14. Now attach your door handle regulator by first fitting the oblong hole of the long arm to the door latch, then swing it up in place and attach with 3 screws.
  15. Now make sure all components are working properly, then attach your inner door window trim, door panel, door & window handles and arm rest (if you have one).

I know this all sounds complicated but it actually goes fairly quick once you get this rolling. The second door should take you half the time.