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1947-53 and 1954-55 1st Series Chevy pickups Standoff Nuts

I am now selling these 303 stainless steel standoff nuts for use under the dash of the 1947-53 and 1954-55 1st series Chevy pickups. If you have ever taken out the dash gauges or radio speaker plates on one of these trucks, you know the frustration of trying to get to the tiny 10-32 hex nuts holding these gauges and speaker plates in place. First, you have to be on your back on the floor of the cab, then you have to try to find the studs while contorting your body under the dash. Once you do find the studs, you need to get a nut driver or ratchet on to them while trying to maneuver around the firewall brace. This is one of the most frustrating jobs I encounter when working on these pickups! I absolutely hate having to remove the gauges because these nuts are so difficult to deal with.

Note: I can make the stainless steel standoff nuts I have work for the 54-55 1st series pickups by rethreading the 10-32’s I have to 10-24 thread, which is the thread size on the 54-55 1st series pickup. I can’t seem to find anyone making the 10-24 SS standoff nuts.

The Solution to making this job more manageable:

1947-53 Pickups: #10-32 x 1″, 3/8″ Female Hex Standoff, 303 Stainless Steel 

Throw the original dash nuts away and replace them with these nuts when you reinstall the gauges or dash trim plates! Believe me, you will thank me the next time you have to remove these items! You can start these nuts by hand and easily reach them to tighten them up with a small wrench or socket. You can even just screw them down hand-tight if you don’t want to mess with a wrench.

I sell the 47-53 Stainless standoff nuts for $3 each , and the 54-55 1st series Zinc plated Steel (can’t find stainless in this 10-24 thread) for $1.50 each, plus shipping (I know, they are expensive, but they are well worth the money)

I use 10 of these on 47-53 Chevy pickups, 8 for the gauges and 2 for the hard to reach area next to the ashtray. You can even use them for all of the studs under the dash, but these 10 studs are the most difficult to access, so order at least 8-10 of them.

For 1954-55 1st series pickups: Zinc plated steel, 10-24 thread, 3/4″ long, $1.50 each. 1954-55 1st series pickups use 3 per gauge.

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You can order these by contacting me through my email address: or call me at (541) 405-8286.



1951-55 1st Series Chevy Pickup Vent Window Handle Striker Plates now available!

These striker plates are almost always rusted and nasty on original vent windows so we’ve made the decision to reproduce them. If you are going to rebuild your vent windows, you will probably want to replace these. They have not been available in the past. Previously I have been getting these plates show-chromed so I can install them on vent windows that I rebuild so now I can offer them two ways:

*** OEM striker plate “show-chromed” with the proper semi-tubular rivets included @ $20 each .

*** (NEW ITEM) Reproduction “flash chromed” striker plate with the proper semi-tubular rivets included @ $10 each. Expected to be available sometime in January 2022.

Shipping is extra.

You can order these by contacting me through my email address: or call me at (541) 405-8286.